Friday, January 18, 2013

Christmas Dinner

After our champagne and cheese hour, it was time for the main event, in which I had no hand. NC Catherine handled the meat and and potatoes, and I think J was responsible for the veggies that graced the table.
Above are the very cheesy scalloped potatoes NCC put together, and a salad that made us feel like we were totally within our rights to take seconds on the cheesy potatoes. The logic there is flawless.

Ah meat, glorious, glorious meat. I forget what this was, but NCC did a great job of making sure there were cuts of nice and rare meat for those of us who gravitate towards the pink, while also ensuring those who prepare their meat more well done could also fare quite well.
I must admit, I kept eating and eating, drinking and drinking. It was hard to stop when everything was so good!
Working to prevent unnecessary double chins, maybe?
Cousins as cousins do.
These were ostensibly to get a sense of the lighting conditions for a group shot of the whole family clan, but it went a little awry.

This terrifying photograph is of J. and myself doing 'Gagnam Style.' Terrrrrifying.
The green belt is a Christmas gift from NCC. I will not tell you what we're laughing about, but we know. Oh, we know.

Then Dad got into the action.
And did his funny weird face.
Eventually the dogs got bored and wanted in as well.
And that was pretty much a wrap for Christmas. We all walked the N.'s back to their house, stayed up a bit more and then poof! holiday times were over.

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nc catherine said...

Ha! Gangnam Style! These are hilarious. I didn't notice at the time the funny ratio of potato to salad: giant pan of cheesy potato wonderfulness, a tiny discreet salad. Thanks for celebrating and recording Christmas 2012!!!