Thursday, January 03, 2013

Zombie Post

Well, I had every intention of doing a 'Best of 2013' wrap up for the year, but honestly work has been kind of insanely more busy for me than usual. So when I get home I generally just lie down and forget. So maybe I'll get to that, but not today. I did, however, feel the need to at least update the blog. So, here's an update from December...Kitten Mittens, the dart team I captain, did quite well for an inaugural season where very few of us knew each other very well. We rocked a pretty solid no losses record for the first half of the season, and were steadily in second place. The second half of the season was a little bit harder, J. had some health issues so he was benched for a good number of weeks, G. went on an adventure to India also lasting a couple of weeks, and T. had a lot going on in his life, which led to less consistent arrival times and an unfortunate (but unavoidable) no-show in our play-off game. In the end we came in third, but had a pretty good time doing it overall (not that particular night, which was a little low). Here is the team on that final playoff night. Thanks to LW for the camera work.

Then, at some other point in time entirely, I roasted potatoes and brussels sprouts with garlic and rosemary before adding toasted walnuts and freshly begotten pomegranate seeds.


LW said...

That first pic looks like a still shot for a TV sitcom. Should be in TV Guide: COMING THIS FALL!

Anonymous said...