Sunday, January 06, 2013

Martinis and Snacks c/o Tank Bar

Weeks ago, some time before Christmas, in a haze of work, I made my way to Friday Saturday Sunday's Tank Bar for a cocktail meet up with BC. I first tried a sweet cosmo type of cocktail, the Pinky Tuscadero, which was basically a cosmo with plum juice and raspberry elements. BC went in a totally different direction, ordering the Spicy, Dirty Bond. A vodka martini with the addition of olive juice and tabasco. It had a nice kick, and so when my sweet drink had been finished, I changed directions and went spicy.

We also shared the grilled chipotle barbequed shrimp with jicama slaw and avocado dipping sauce. I also looked into the mushroom soup, but the photographs of said soup were not so good so I am not sharing them. The snacks were good, maybe not awesome, but good. The soup was especially creamy delicious and the shrimp had a bit of flare to them. But really it was the conversation of BC and our bartender that was most enjoyable. Whenever I go to Tank Bar I enjoy myself, it's definitely more of a 'date' type place, but if you're looking to have a nice conversation with a friend and the humorous interjections of a bartender with good stories, then it's not just for the date crowd. 

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nc catherine said...

I like the sound of that spicy dirty bond. If I were really fired up I would go make one....nah too lazy....but tabasco and olive juice sound kickin' good together.