Monday, January 07, 2013

Random Round Up

The latter part of December was spent working, which, as we have already covered, meant subsidized lunches. This is a turkey sandwich on brioche c/o Rybread.
A day or two before Christmas I walked around Center City looking for gifts and ended up enjoying a sushi lunch at Aki. Nothing too spectacular, lunch special priced crispy salmon skill, eel and avocado and yellowtail with scallion. I also had green tea.
This Christmas was spent again with NC Catherine and J. Work is so crazy and the expectations of my bosses not entirely reasonable, so I ended up going down on a train Sunday and returning on a train Wednesday. The train allowed uninterrupted work abilities due to wireless, and was altogether far more pleasant the airport/plane experience has become. Though each way there were certainly some delays. On the way down, however, I was able to complete my work day and still have a few more hours of train living. With those hours I watched Sense and Sensibility, blogged about cheese and wine, and eventually made my way to the club car to pick up a snack and a stiff drink. Snack was hummus. Stiff drink was Jack Daniels and ginger ale. I'll say this for certainty: it's worth spending the additional $40 for business class on an Amtrak train, more legroom, a reserved/guaranteed seat, and just one car away from the cafe/club car. On the way back up there was even a proposal over the loudspeaker.
When I arrived in Greensboro, my father, NC Catherine and J. were all waiting for me. Also waiting for me? Corn chowder. Good stuff and start to a rather rushed holiday season.

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