Saturday, January 05, 2013

Skillet Breakfast and Work Lunches

So I'm working in the office this very moment. Or I'm about to. Work. Work. Lots of work. In any case I did feel the need to at least try to keep up with my eating life, though I'm already far behind. For example, this is a skillet full of roasted brussels sprouts, fingerling potatoes and tomatoes topped with some parmesan cheese and two eggs, all of which I stuck into an oven until the eggs were cooked. It was breakfast about a month ago.
As in years past, during the busy season at work our bosses pay for lunch in an effort to keep morale high/in a realization that the time we would usually grocery shop is generally taken up with work. On this particular day I believe I ordered the tofu and squash soup from Koja Grill. With the aid of an added rice island, the dragon got a very up close and personal look at the stew's silky tofu and spicy red broth.
Another day found the dragon at the edge of a pool of mozarella, which was oozing protection for an underlying eggplant parmagiana sandwich from Luigi's, which disappointed a bit if I'm going to be honest.

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Huckleberry said...

I would like to mention that I am still a big fan of the dragon. I smile every time a see a lunch-with-dragon photo.