Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas Eve Lasagna

On Christmas Eve I did a fair amount of work, took a shower, and then turned my attentions to making Dad, NC Catherine and J. my mushroom lasagna, which is nothing if not extremely decadent. I made a basil/garlic ricotta, whipped up a proper amount of bechamel sauce, sauteed portobello and button mushrooms with garlic and rosemary and then started the layering process in earnest. The end result? A decadent and overflowing pasta dish that, with NC Catherine's guidance, I actually left in the oven long enough that it got that browned look on top (usually I get too impatient and take it out after it's cooked but not browned).
Yup. A lot of cheese going on in there. A lot.

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nc catherine said...

I am so wanting that all over again! Actually I want a longer holiday visit do over! I confess, J and I had to negotiate who got to eat the very last piece. She won, I lost, and it was not graceful my concession. This lasagna definitely rates up there in the stratosphere of deliciousness.