Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Summer Darts

You may think that I haven't been playing darts very much over the last few months. But that wouldn't be entirely accurate. Each Tuesday you will find me doing just that, but with a summer league team and a completely new cast of teammates and competitors. The set up for summer league is different than the previous seasons, in that all teams play at the same bar week after week. And the  number of the games played is (in my opinion) agonizingly longer somehow. But there is still free bar food to eat, cheap beer to drink and a fair amount of tomfoolery to be found. I'm hoping that maybe it will lead to my finding a little low ranked team to play on in the fall. On this particular night there were french fries and pasta salad. I haven't taken many photos because it seems like this group won't be as tolerant of me as the McCrossen's team was, which we know is just a shame considering photos like this or this (hmmm, the links are not going where I meant for them to go, sorry...they were funny photos) are golden keepsake memories and any dart team member of mine should really want to cherish such moments for all times. In any case, food:
The scene on one particular day in the last month or so.

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