Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Scenes From C. and R.'s Wedding

The weekend before last found me and LW driving up to West Orange (I think?) for CP and R's nuptials. It was touch and go about our actually getting there in time for the ceremony. Between my thinking that avoiding the NJ turnpike and taking Route 1 to the Garden State Parkway, and horrific traffic on all those roads, the two hour cushion we had built into the drive, which would allow for proper prep and dressing, was whittled down considerably. Add to that drama a considerably confusing shuttle ride, and we were one of about 20 folks who most certainly arrived later than intended. Thankfully, they didn't start without us. And here we go!

I totally cried during the wedding. A good amount just for how truly happy the two of them seem with one another, and how much their families love them both. Another helping just because I really value the friendship I have CP and, by proxy, R. They're great folks to spend an evening with. Truly. After the wedding, which was beautiful and so uniquely them, there came the reception. Behold!
It rained off and on throughout the evening, but it did not damper the spirits of any attendee...I don't think. J. came down from NYC and MP brought her bf.
LW had lagers on lock down. To be clear, those are not all her beers.
There was dancing.

And sleepy children.
And dancing.

I just. So many different expressions going on.
J. was a serious mover and shaker. She did this shimmy while leaning back that I really wanted to capture. But I failed.

What an Indian feast we enjoyed! This is almost literally a tiny bit of each possible course. Including butter chicken, saag paneer and oh so many other treats.
CP was a busy bride, but we managed to get a photograph. So glad for her.
So many children busted a move, with and without the assistance of adults with strong shoulders.

I really don't know if that's dancing or what. But you will note the man jumping on the other's back.
Sisters and father.
An exhortation for a dance.
A dance.
Yup. Dancing.
It was a lovely evening of good food, great music, enthusiastic wedding guests and a bride and groom who deserved it.


nc catherine said...

WOW. What a marvelous celebration. You look great. The bride looks amazing, and all chilled out, rare in brideland. The groom is happy, what else is needed? Oh yeah cute kids and great food. Perfection, no?

Claire said...

It was a great night and this recap made me teary eyed. I love the pictures you took too!