Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pizza and Scenes from Rehoboth

Soon others began rolling into town in order to partake in the celebration of LB's bachelorette-hood. BC was there very soon after my arrival, if not before it, but holed up in one of the two hotel rooms LX had reserved for us. They were nice rooms and both faced out on to Rehoboth Avenue.
Rehoboth really is quite packed during a Friday night. Plenty of folks walking the main drag or along the boardwalk. Traffic looked a right nightmare.
We ordered four pizzas from Grotto Pizza, which they were willing to deliver directly to our rooms. This was the mushroom and pepperoni. There was also a veggie variety, a plain ol' cheese, and some kind of Mediterreanean option.
After drinks and pizza in the room, we gathered ourselves and went exploring in the larger world. I had no idea how extensive the boardwalk really is, or that it had actual rides. This information was collected at roughly the same time the rides were shutting down. We stopped for poses with these rides but were told to cease and desist because the elephant and Thomas were antiques.

After a bit of a walk we went to the Purple Parrot for further drinks and karaoke.
A lovely first evening. It went on a bit later, complete with outfit changes and a first row seat to a drunk driver getting arrested before even moving his car an inch. Compelling stuff and lovely company.

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