Friday, August 10, 2012

Fish Tacos c/o The Purple Parrot

Last weekend I gathered myself together and drove down to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware in order to celebrate the impending nuptials of LB. Because I am who I am, I arrived much earlier than the rest of the bachelorette folks. This allowed me to suss out the parking situation, pre-order pizza for the evening's festivities, and generally take a moment. This moment also resulted in my going to the Purple Parrot for a late lunch. I'd never heard of this place nor gone to it in any of my other trips to the area, but it was right next to our apartment and had a festive atmosphere even from the sidewalk. So I went with it. At around 3 in the afternoon I was one of only a handful of folks sitting and eating and drinking, so service was pretty good...and came in the form of a 20 year old dude not wearing a shirt. I ordered a happy hour margarita and the fish tacos, which I had thought was a happy hour special but turned out not to be. Not complaining though. I was hungry and the mix of cabbage crunch and hot fried fish was fantastic.
I also really enjoyed the living roof thing they had going on, as well as the music playing.
A nice way to ease into what would be a very fun and late-night filled weekend.

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nc catherine said...

A good fish taco is an awesome invention. I turned my nose up for a long time at the idea, then had one and became an instant convert.

Did yours have some funny taco version of the special sauce? I confess I kinda like whatever it is, probably 10,000 calories and all transfats but yummy with the fish and the cabbage.

Carry on with your festivities!