Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bachelorette Pre-Gaming, Dinner c/o Cabo, Dancing c/o Blue Moon

Once I returned to the fold I painted my nails and put on my party dress. LB, the lady of the evening, had quite the hot party dress.
We had dinner plans but before embarking on that part of our night there were first gifts and champagne.

LB got a mix of funny lingerie, things that lit up and a pretty cool sweatshirt. I gave her funny little bracelets and a to-go cupcake container.
The champagne-holding  bling ring was an especially neat gadget.

For dinner LX made us a reservation at Cabo, which wasn't far from our hotel. We got a nice table on the second floor deck and while we were waiting for it to clear I had a margarita. For dinner I chose to try the lobster ceviche and skirt steak. The ceviche wasn't quite right. Too sweet for something that was supposed to have a habenero element, and overcooked. Of course ceviche isn't cooked per se, but I think it sat in its juices too long. The texture was off. The steak, on the other hand, was delicious and cooked nice and medium rare. No complaints on that front.

After dinner we went to Blue Moon...or I think it was Blue Moon. It could have been somewhere else entirely. It was a predominantly gay bar with lots of dancing.

This was the unfortunate moment when an exuberant man lifted LB up and with her went her dress skirt.
And then finally a few drinks at the Purple Parrot.
The whole weekend was wild. LB has so many good friends from different times and places in her life and it was so nice to finally put faces to some names I've been hearing about for over 15 years. I know I had a lovely time and I hope she did too!

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