Monday, August 27, 2012

Egg Sandwich Made Over an Open Fire

At some point in the days leading up to this trip, I became mildly fixated with the idea of cooking myself breakfast over an open fire. Nothing too taxing. No hash browns or sausages. Just eggs and an English muffin. Due to the slightly damp evening I found the task of gathering kindling to be a bit of a challenge, but I eventually got my fire started and stoked. After that I sprayed a little olive oil type stuff onto my cast iron skillet and placed the muffins on the fire as well. The eggs took a little longer to firm up at first, but after prodding the fire a little it was all fine and dandy.
 As a final step I placed two slices of smoked ham on top and called it a success.
I was inordinately pleased about this. Next time I go camping I'm going to try actually cooking a few more things. Cast iron skillets man, they're the tops.

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nc catherine said...

Ok I am reading all your posts and have deep deep lake-and-travel envy. So of course the one thing I want to comment on is CAST IRON. Wow, I love cast iron. The next time you are in Sewanee take an extra hour or two and go support Lodge Mfg in S Pittsburgh, hit the seconds store and load up on really cool cast iron stuff. I so wanted the cast iron fish shaped cornbread pan until one super wrinkled and lined older worker lady in her super smokey voice said: hon don't get the fish, th' tails are too shallow and they cook too fast and fall offa the bodies.

Unless I wanted it for wall art, I was un-sold. I did get the cactus cornbread pan and some fajita skillets for later gifts. Could not tell by me what the flaw was that made them all "seconds." Cast iron totally rules. If you go I will give you my lists....yep smiling here.