Monday, August 20, 2012

Martini and Oysters c/o Fin's

After a lovely afternoon at the beach I took a shower and then set out on an independent oyster fix at my go-to oyster spot in the Rehoboth/Lewes area: Fins. I was lucky enough to grab a seat at the already pretty packed bar and ordered myself a dirty martini, which was expertly prepared and oh-so-delightful.
I then ordered a dozen oysters, six Mayflower and six Beaver Tail. My notes are rather spare due to the entertaining bar conversation/dynamic I quickly joined with a few fellow bar patrons to my left. I believe I asked the bartender which oysters were closest to a Pemaquid, and he went with the Mayflowers. And then I may have conversely asked which oysters were the most similar to Kumomotos (I don't think there were any west coast oysters on the menu that day). Though my notes were brief, I did write that the Mayflowers were very salty, but with a rather smooth finish. My entire thought on the Beaver Tails was that they were "so so." I think then ordered another half dozen of the Cedar Islands, which were my favorite but god help me I couldn't tell you why.
While I was enjoying my martini and oysters, I also began a rather silly but lengthy conversation with others sitting at the bar. S and D were a couple from Pittsburgh on their first Rehoboth vacation, and J was a hot mess from Columbus. To say that our conversation was silly is an understatement. I mean. We talked about things that no group of strangers should really be talking about when the sun is still in the sky. In other words, we talked about sex. Hilarious sex. Inappropriate sex. At one point J. asked me to be his fag hag, I demurely turned him down. J. was, shall we say, talkative. I'd like to share some of the bigger gems from our conversation, but it might be unseemly/certainly not for a PG-13 audience. Seriously though, the conversation was so raunchy that even the bartender seemed taken aback (I'm pretty sure I saw him shaking his head in disbelief at one moment iwhen oral sex was the topic). Though it was quite a good time, I eventually gathered myself together and met up with BC in order to get back to the true purpose of the weekend: celebrating LB's dwindling days of being a singleton. But not before I took this photograph to commemorate the strange momentary clique I joined one late afternoon in Rehoboth.
Fin's, as always, didn't disappoint.

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