Sunday, August 26, 2012

Salmon and Salads on the First Evening at Silver Lake

The morning after LW's birthday festivities found me a bit worse for wear, but still capable of generally pulling myself together and getting on the road so that I would make it to Cranberry Lake to meet up with M. and A. and A.'s extended family. This will be the third year I have been lucky enough to meet up with this family for their annual reunion. The first year I stayed in the main activity house, owned by A.'s uncle and aunt, B. and W.  Last year M. and A. rented a cabin also on Silver Lake, and that is where I stayed as well. This time around I thought I would revisit the campground at which M. and I spent one night after our epic Crystal Lake adventure. So, when I first got to the booming town of Cranberry Lake, I drove on by the main G. family hub and drove another three or five miles to the Cranberry Lake State Campground. I had looked at the campground website a few times in the weeks leading up to the trip, thinking about reserving a spot. But I never actually got around to it, so I first drove a good number of the loops with a list of campsites that were free. All the sites directly facing the lake were taken, but there were a few very close by that I found appealing. Once I found and paid for my specific site, I set up my tent while there was still light to do it by. Then, and only then, did I get back into the car and go on over to G. family central. Preparations for that night's dinner were already under way. Soon enough there were all sorts of salads on a table while salmon was getting cooked. Below, behold.

I hadn't seen M. since our weekend in March with the Modo Mio and Sampan meals. And I probably hadn't seen A. or his parents or brother since ringing in the new year together. It was nice to see them all. 

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