Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dogs, Sardines, Hummus, Meat and Goodness

Another day at the lake was spent in one fashion or another. At some point Arthur the dog took up residence in this chair. I found it worth a photograph.
This night's meal was prepared by A.'s portion of the family with assists from others I think. V. and A. were in charge of creating a massive amount of grilled pita bread to complement the sardine, anchovy, olive, hummus and feta spread that preceded the dinner.
I liked the sardines more than the anchovies. This was in large part due to the tiny anchovy bone that lodged itself in the roof of my mouth.
And I was also surprised by the chipotle hummus's surprising tastiness.

This canoe and I had a very unfortunate time together on my last night at the lake. I may write about it. I may not.
Good stuff this. Couscous, lamb, sausage. Also homemade harissa that had a very pleasant kick.

Oh yeah. Another lovely night and meal.

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nc catherine said...

The portrait of Arthur the dog is awesome. I have a no dogs on furniture rule in my house, which of course my dogs ignore at every chance, but if I were to let them on the chairs, you could capture their "dog on furniture" essence no doubt.

I want to sail in those wee boats on that lake. Did I mention I have lake and travel envy? Yeah I think I did..............