Monday, August 27, 2012

Fish, Rainbows, Dip and Dinner at Silver Lake

After my morning duck time I headed over to the G. compound, where I spent my day swimming, lounging and generally taking it easy. I think at one point that day M. and I took a walk around the entirety of the lake, which pretty neat. We saw a number of interesting mushrooms and it was lusciously green and mossy along the treeline right by the shore of the lake. A good outing. Others took longer hikes. In fact three intrepid G.s went on what was supposed to be about a 20 mile hike....except that they took the wrong loop at some point and added at least another five miles to the whole journey. While they were making up the difference, many of us sat at the lake idly wondering where they were. Others went fishing. I really need to get into fishing more...only I would want to cook the fish I caught whenever appropriate.
This fish's fate was not a dinner plate.
The hikers return and we all sit in a circle around beer.
The days were generally warm, but not necessarily consistently sunny. On this day, this led to a rainbow.
The four brothers G. and W. in the foreground.
A cheesy delicious artichoke dip.
Just very beautiful. It's funny, you almost get accustomed to it when you're there. The light changes from moment to moment, the surface of the lake is still or ripples. But it's all just so perfect.
I insisted that I get a few purposeful people shots.
We both look kind of weird but kind of good at the same time. I believe M. is doing a serious eyebrow arch.
I've found it challenging to take photographs of M. when she's not making a funny face.
Sometimes she's helped.
Dinner started with a green salad with tomatoes.
The main course was a tender stewed chicken, sweet carrots and rice.
Thanks goes to the Rhode Island contingent for the meal! The rest of the evening was spent lounging. Children were tickled. I retired back to the campsite at a reasonable hour.

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