Sunday, August 19, 2012

Breakfast and Juice c/o Greenman Bistro

Friday night ended late but the majority of us were up and getting ourselves together by 9. LX and I went out in search of juice/smoothies and ended up sitting down on the porch of Greenman Juice Bar and Bistro to satiate both the juice need we started out with and the egg sandwich that developed as we walked. I can't find their juice menu online, but I chose the juice that included carrot, pineapple, orange and at least one other fruit juices. It was delightful and gave me new power in life.
I chose the egg and cheese sandwich on ciabatta with turkey sausage. It looked great, but I can't say it was quite amazing. The eggs seemed possibly microwaved and the sausage wasn't all that spectacular either. My thought on the spot is that it would be great for a juice or a coffee, but maybe not worth the time or money for actual grub.
Then a bunch of us got ourselves together and went to the beach. This was quite a different scene than my usual Delaware beach time. So many people it was mind boggling. BC grabbed a nice spot and an umbrella, which we then spread around. The water was packed with folks. You couldn't go a foot without running into another body so infinite amounts of floating wasn't really an ideal activity. It was still good to hang out with LB and her assorted ladies, most of whom will join me as bridesmaids in her wedding.

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