Friday, October 04, 2013

Sushi Feast Time c/o Dad and Morimoto

On Labor Day weekend my father drove up to the Maryland State Fair and met up with a few other folks to see a horse he likes run in its first ever race. I was not among them, but it sounds like they had a generally good time even though the horse did not do terribly well. I was unable to make it down because the beginning of September is the beginning of madness in my professional life and three hour drives to state fairs for horse races are just too hard to balance with hours editing in an office. So my father came to me for a dinner meet up. I asked him what he might prefer and he suggested sushi. I debated taking him to a new place, but in the end we returned to Morimoto. When we went in the summer of 2011 we tried the Omakase meal experience, but I wasn't really interested in that amount of food and really was more interested in sushi. I touched base on how my father felt on that score and he seemed on board for a sushi-laden meal. I started mine with a sake martini. Morimoto is a huge space and I remain unconvinced that its aesthetics still translate as 'hip' in this day and age. It's kind of like being in the restaurant area of a space ship envisioned in the early '80s. And the lighting is just so wacky. Slowly pulsing neon lights come at you from all angles. So, the photographs I ended up with were a little hard to color'll see basically I failed.
We decided to 'go hard' and ordered one of the more expensive options for the Chef's sushi combination. It included two rolls, six pieces of sushi, and I think another six to eight pieces of sashimi. We also ordered ikura on the side. Of course this was a month ago and I really can't tell you much about the actual fish or my favorites, though on a broad scale, the fish was quite good and I liked it very much. There were a few pieces of types of fish I'm pretty sure I never had before, which I liked very much. Maybe something like golden amberjack? Maybe not.
We also enjoyed sake with our meal. Dad was definitely opposed to any sake that was described as having a 'stone fruit' element to it. He was looking for simplicity and I think he found it.
I got to eat both of the shrimp, which I enjoyed. And the tamago was perfectly sweet. Ikura will never do me wrong. It was a bit of a whirlwind meet-up. During my busiest months I really just have a hard time being a regular human being, but it was good to see him and I was glad to hear about the race firsthand.
Thanks goes to Dad for another great meal!

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