Saturday, October 12, 2013

iPhone Clearance

I finally got around to transferring the photos I had on my phone from the last year + to my computer, freeing up who knows how much data and allowing me to share a few extra photos from events that have taken place over the last few months. I could have delved deeper, but here are some extra shots from a few of the late summer/early fall things I've done. Here, for example, is one of the few photographs taken of Cuz K. and me from her bachelorette evening.
Cuz K. and crew arriving for the wine tasting.
My roommate and I with matching darts.
LW's, my and the roommate's matching cases.
Trying out the new darts.
My tent set up from a different angle and before I put the tarp rope up.
One area of the campground after it rained. This drainage thing was maybe not working at top capacity.
Children later played in the collected water that wasn't draining. As a kid I know I would have enjoyed doing the same. As an adult all I can think about is the bacteria.
Dad figuring out his new phone at Morimoto and me telling him to look at me before immediately taking a photograph.
The refrigerator pickles and hot peppers I made. they are super hot. Cucumbers care of Cuz K. and A.
I went to the country and had to stop at a grocery and wine store for supplies and was struck by how much I could have been anywhere at this particular parking lot.
The country was gorgeous. Fall in its prime.
Just spectacularly beautiful and still warm.

I managed to get my work done soon enough that I then took myself, a blanket and my Kindle out to this field and read for a good portion of time. An adolescent deer started circling around me, curious as can be. Couldn't get a photo of it, but it was precious.
Later I looked for kindling, as even I knew these beautiful and warm days couldn't last and eventually fires will need to be made, and it's much easier to build a fire if you have dry wood to do it with.
And then I saw this beautiful sight.

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