Sunday, October 27, 2013

Art and Darts

Last year around this same time Mr. Ass put on a group show, and did the same this year too. On an early October Sunday afternoon I drove up to see it. It was a beautiful day. The art was lovely and varied. There were quite a few folks from my high school years to see as well.

And on a completely different evening the Kitten Mittens had our weekly darts match. Last season we were in a lower division and did quite well. As a result of our modicum of success we were bumped up 1-2 divisions and are playing against tougher competition. After about five weeks of play our record is not so hot. We haven't won a match, though we certainly win games within it. In any case, after a home game a few weeks back I took a photo of A., N. and T. Hopefully the second half of the season will go better than the first. On the whole the issue is usually out shots. All my players can hit their out shots, but rarely on the first time while our competitors are quite a bit better at being given an out shot opportunity and taking advantage of it.

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