Thursday, October 10, 2013

Work Lunches Including Sushi and Sandwiches

More lunches came our way with another week of busy times. Here was my lunch combination from Kansai. Eel avocado and spicy crunch crab rolls.
A grilled cheese sandwich with tomato from Rybrew. The dragon felt strongly that the sandwich should not be eaten and, instead, should serve as a permanent cave-like shelter for himself. I argued against this and was ultimately successful. There are advantages of being alive and one of them is being able to have the final word in arguments with plastic dragons found inside Kinder eggs.
A spicy turkey sandwich with coleslaw and spinach from 3Js. The dragon wasn't entirely sure what to do here so he just started lurching around like a zombie. Which makes sense, given the loss of one of his wings. Not the dragon he used to be.
And of course a lovely looking Primo's hoagie. The dragon was too distracted by its love of flatware to even investigate, which made the eating of the sandwich quite a bit easier than it sometimes is.

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