Monday, September 30, 2013

Burger With Cousin c/o Morgan's Pier

A while back my rather distant cousin P. alerted me to the fact that he and his partner/boyfriendwere going to be in Philly for a big sobriety conference. He has been clean of all substances for 34 years. I forget how long his partner has been clean, but they are definitely working the steps I would imagine. In any case he suggested we meet up for a meal. I suggested Morgan's Pier. And that is just what happened. We met for the first time in 2007 at cousin H.'s pig roast and hadn't crossed paths since, though I have had a meal or two with his son E. when he's on the east coast doing organic inspection things. In any case, Morgan's Pier was pretty quiet on the Sunday before Labor Day, which isn't any large surprise given the other event that was taking place in my neighborhood that weekend. We had our choice of seats and not much trouble with getting service. I ordered the burger medium rare. The burger that first came out, pictured here, was more like a charred puck with no pink to it at all. I asked if it would be possible for a re-do, our server was happy to oblige and the replacement burger I received was far more to my liking. It was good to check in with such a far flung family member, and I enjoyed hearing about the couple's cross country trip to get to Philly, which included copious camping and biking. One of these days I really need to make it a priority to go to California. I just think I'm a little too tickled with the fact that I can't say I've ever been. That or I'm afraid if I go I'll never want to leave.

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