Sunday, October 20, 2013

17 Facts

In my line of work I have been exposed to the fact that in some circumstances, people are asked to create and share 25 random facts about themselves. Hearing about such responses led me to start creating my own list. I haven't gotten to 25 yet, but here are my starters. 

1. I had my first manicure at the age of 27. It has not become a weekly, or even monthly, aspect of my life. That said I'm always appreciative of how much nicer my toe and finger nails look after the occasional mani-pedi.

2. There are few things I enjoy more than building and maintaining a fire. Perhaps part of the reason that mani-pedis aren't a priority.

3. Growing up, my most steadfast stuffed animal companion was Geraldine the giraffe, whom I decided was a boy not a girl.

4. I grew up in an 19th century house (or maybe early 20th?) in the suburbs of DC, right across the street from active train tracks. My childhood was punctuated by a constant stream of trains barreling through the night, causing funny pauses in conversation and a tendency to start turning up the television volume well in advance of the train's screeching horn.

5. At the age of 13 I sought out the opportunity to attend a private boarding school in order to have a more challenging high school experience and to change the social setting of my life. My primary prerequisites for the schools I applied to were that they had an equestrian program, no stringent dress code, and were co-ed. In the end I attended a Quaker boarding school that met all three, which resulted in what I believe is one of the more life-shaping experiences of my early life.

7. I am a very accomplished floater. While I probably wouldn't break any record ever when it comes to swimming fast or swiftly, I am entirely capable of floating in a relatively calm body of water for long periods of time.

8. When I was 20 I spent six weeks living in a tent in a variety of friends' and employers' back yards after the apartment I was subletting was condemned. During that time I also read all the Harry Potter books published at the time by lantern light. The one time I slept inside during that period, I found myself awoken by a squirrel eagerly chomping on a walnut while perched on my thighs.

9. I would much rather live in the country than the city, squirrel risk be-damned.

10. I worked at a sheep farm for about two years after graduating from college. The pay wasn't the best, but each day was different and I loved learning more about how to create yarn and work with the animals.

11. I used to host weekly macaroni and cheese nights. The main dish of the evening never had less than 5 cheeses. Though I no longer make it with such regularity, I have continued to perfect the dish and have begun making bechamel sauce for extra creaminess as well as a panko truffle top for added crunch.

12. Due to my time at the sheep farm, I was for a brief time a very productive knitter. I made an afghan that could easily keep two people warm and a sweater for my boyfriend at the time, as well as countless scarves. For a brief period  I could even knit in the dark at movies.

13. I've never been to Asia, but I would very much like to take a tour of Japan, focusing less on its frenetic cities and spending more time in its country villages and seaside towns. Though I would certainly want to go to the huge Tokyo fish market and try ramen and yakitori at a variety of street stalls.

14. I recently joined a Fantasy Football league on a whim even though I'm not really that big a football fan. This has led to my suddenly caring a lot more about the sport and exploring the different chicken wings that can be delivered to my house on Sundays.

15. As a small kid I enjoyed pretending that I was "Annie the waitress" and would take my parents' and their friends' 'orders' as they conversed on our porch...all while sporadically belting out 'the sun will come out tomorrow.'

16. Though I've been to Europe, Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean, I've never been to California or Texas. 

17. My great-great grandfather was a confederate general in the civil war. In fact he was the last confederate general to surrender, though that was more a matter of distance (he was in Texas) and getting the memo/telegraph a little later than anyone else.


Huck said...

Random facts about me:

I find it very hard to come up with interesting random facts about me.

I like to read other people's lists of random facts.

And: I find it very hard to sit in a windowless office on a gloriously sunny fall Sunday.

cc said...

I hear you on that one. I would have a hard time in a windowless office on ANY day!