Friday, October 04, 2013

Random Roundup

Frankly my life since my camping trip has been however many weeks of working every single day. That isn't to say that I haven't had any fun, but when your weekends aren't really your weekends and you're working longer hours during the regular week, well it does funny things to your brain. In any case, the one positive of working crazily is that you get subsidized lunches. For instance, this Primo's ham and cheese mini-hoagie, which was a little soggy but still an all around tasty interruption of sustenance in the middle of a work day. The dragon was happy to get back to the action.
Then another day and time, I went over to C. and R.'s for a pizza/puppy/laundry evening. The pizza was clearly half cheese and half pepperoni/olive, and just what the doctor - and by doctor, I mean "I" - ordered.
And then there was the evening that LW and I went to McCrossen's knowing it was T.'s last official night with the place. I ordered the boquerones and then we had some beers with a few other folks, including T. It was a good evening and an end to an era. LW and I went to McCrossen's a lot more a few years ago than we have been as of late, and it was my first-ever darts home bar. While our barfly ways petered out once darts became less of a thing there, it's still a good spot and I've always enjoyed talking and shooting the shit with T. and will be sad that he won't be in the neighborhood anymore. An end to an era I say!
In this photo T. and G. were speaking to each other and LW requested a photograph in which neither of them were paying any attention to us or my camera. It kind of worked.
They had some sort of magical raspberry beer that I liked very much.
Then another work meal. This time a take on a BLT from Rybrew.
Oh how the time it does fly. I really can't recall if this was a series of two or three days, or more than that.

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Huck said...

Oh, hello, Dragon! Nice to see you again!