Sunday, October 06, 2013

Football Sliders and Work Lunches

I'm not sure whether I've really mentioned it on the blog, but I did join a fantasy football league this year, though I wouldn't say that anyone would usually describe me as a particularly die-hard sports fan. It just seemed like an interesting new thing to do. Turns out that football is far more interesting when you feel like you have something on the line. Though, really, I'm pretty sure nothing is actually on the line as this is a league without prizes. In any case, I went to Rembrandts a few weeks back so I could see the Redskins and Eagles play against each other. One of my three quarterbacks is RGIII so I quickly realized that going to a bar to root for the opposing team of the city you're in can be a little awkward. I also realized that RGIII is simply not as awesome as I thought he was. While surreptitiously being pleased while the rest of the bar groaned, I also enjoyed their $1 sliders. Pretty good stuff.
And then more work lunches. Baked ziti is my downfall and my savior. Maybe I will make myself baked ziti tonight. That, actually, seems like a very good idea. That or artichoke red onion soup.

Another day, chicken curry.
I think on this particular day it was coconut chicken curry .
And then, to lighten the mood, a spinach salad with far too many roasted red peppers.

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Huck said...

I like the highwire act!