Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Happy Hour Drinks and Eats c/o Lemon Hill

Glimpses of CPM in my life have become a rare thing as a result of her educational commute and overall busy-ness of life. I believe the last time we met up it was at the Tria Wine Room (which has since closed), and that was months ago indeed. True as that is, there is still a friendship and a fondness between us and we managed to identify a day and time for a nice get-together that would work for both of our schedules. Unsurprisingly, a good visit with her on a Thursday not so long ago was the result. When bandying about possible meet up spots, it was decided that it was finally time for her to enjoy the Lemon Hill happy hour experience. As far as happy hours go, Lemon Hill's may not be for the cheapskates. They do have a discount on a chosen cocktail as well as draft beers and house wines, but this isn't the place to go if you're looking for a couple of drinks and food to come under the $20 mark. It's likely that McCrossen's may remain my primary 'neighborhood bar' due to the dart history and familiarity I have with the spot...but Lemon Hill is coming in a very close second as far as overall pleasure in its atmosphere, clientele, draft list, food and staff. I stuck with white wine for the evening, but CPM tried the happy hour cocktail and we split a few different tasty treats. I was very keen on her trying the fried cheese curds, which didn't disappoint though they weren't quite as melty-on-the-inside as past visits. The long hot vinaigrette remained a delightful accoutrement.
I also recommended the patty melt, which I think lived up to the hype.
We also tried the gruyere pierogies with tempura fried sauerkraut and pastrami bites. Definitely an upscale version of what can be a very utilitarian dish and even more satisfying for the added class.
It's always lovely to see CPM and this evening was no exception. It was also nice to see familiar faces behind the bar and even in the clientele (one older couple wouldn't remember me but we once had wonderful conversation at Rembrandt's during a Kentucky Derby years and years ago and it was good to see that they're still out and about...and that the lady still brings her knitting to bars).

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