Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Black Eyed Susan Day 2013 at Pimlico Race Track

I was disheartened when reading the Pimlico Race Track's additional rules for what one could and could not bring into the Grandstand in 2013. As a result of the Boston Marathon bombings, security was even tighter than usual and this resulted in the additional request that race-goers refrain from bringing cameras with detachable lenses. My camera is such a camera, and many of the best photographs I took in the last few years were only possible with a zoom lens so the fact that I couldn't bring it was a bit of a bummer. I simply used the camera that my father brought (which my mother initially purchased in 2006 for our Europe trip, which I basically stole for that trip's entire duration). Usually B. and D. would come to Black Eyed Susan Day, but B. was held up with copious last minute demands on a book she's working on, so in her stead it was D. and R., a long ago neighbor of us all (us all = my family and B. and D.), who came. B. was usually in charge of putting together a collection of snacks for us to enjoy in lieu of the slightly overpriced and questionably tasty food offerings of the Pimlico race track, but with her busy schedule that task fell to me. I was happy to take it on and that first day I made two kinds of sandwiches: turkey, salami, brie with whole grain mustard on some version of whole wheat bread; and ham and cheddar cheese with pickles and mayo. I also packed cherries, tangerines and a few other treats. Below is a turkey brie salami sandwich.
The Black Eyed Susan drink this year was markedly different from all that came before (as far as I know), as it was not orange in color. There was a blackberry element to it.
Me and my new hat channelling Cruella DeVille.
Less Cruella and more Goofella. If we had been thinking this through the photos would be taken from a different angle so my face wouldn't be in shadows. Alas. It was so bright and hot on BES day that it was hard to even see the images we were taken in the little feedback screens of our cameras or phones.
So one big change to the Pimlico lineup, other than R. subbing in for B. was the addition of L. and Fat T. This is the first time I've ever really gone to the races with peers. Usually it was me and my parents, and maybe some of their friends but none of mine. This change was, I think, a general success. Fat T. and L. are two of my favorites and though they weren't well versed in the world of horses, they were pretty game for the whole experience. I also think that my father enjoyed dropping some knowledge on new and perhaps more open ears. Here is L. making her first (ever) bet!
We had the same seats as last year, which were in the front row just a few sections down from the finish line.
Not the Budweiser draft horses, but draft horses nonetheless.

Yep, should have faced the other direction. Womp womp.

Instead of parachute dudes from the air force, this year's aerial act was two dudes with those motorized fans. I don't know the technical term for it. Somehow far less impressive to me...though I'm sure having that heavy equipment propelling you through the air creates additional dangers and challenges.
Fat T. soaking it all in with L., R., D. and cousin V. in the background paying me no attention.
The when facing in the direction of the finish line.
Happy faces.
 Above: L. wins. Below: I convince Fat T. to wear my hat.
 D. and D.
And then the day of races came to a close and we all returned to V.'s lovely home for some time sitting out on her porch enjoying the fine weather and white wine.

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