Monday, May 06, 2013

Sushi Gluttony c/o Doma

I think it was last week that I found myself again unable to fight the desire for sushi. As fortitude, strength or self-discipline are none of my particular strengths, it was quickly agreed upon (in my brain) that I would go to Doma on the way to an event in Center City. And that, my friends, is just what I did. It was a little before six on a Wednesday or Thursday, and the place was still quite quiet. I think I was the first customer and then maybe 5-10 minutes later a few additional tables came in. I decided to try at least one small thing from their hot menu, and went with the Ssam Trio, which may have been a special. It was a combiination of small scoops of Korean-style cooked chicken, beef bulgogi and white fish. For ten dollars the portions were about right. The chicken was perhaps my favorite of the three. I found it interesting that the fish  was rolled, and in the center they'd squirted a fair amount of sriracha. I liked it, but hadn't ever seen it done before.

Then on to the sushi. This plate had two pieces of salmon, one fluke, one o-toro, mackerel two ways and ikura. Each fish cut was, to me and my still novice sushi self, generous and buttery.
I then ordered a second round. I'd always known that there were two kinds of eels, but usually stuck with the fresh water eel, which is the more typically consumed of the two - at least as far as I can tell. So knowing was one thing, but I decided to taste them side bye side. When the waiter came out with an extra piece I hadn't ordered I was momentarily confused, but he explained that the two eel pieces were really just one eel piece the chef cut in half for more ease in eating. I must say that compared to the more bite sized and toasted/browned look of the fresh water eel, I was a little afraid of this new version. But once I got over its slightly different look, I found that it was just as tender as its salt-free neighbor and almost as sweet.

And that concludes my early bird sushi gluttony.

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nc catherine said...

Wait, you think of yourself as a sushi novice? Wow!

Now, of course because of this post, I will have sushi on the brain until I cough up ye olde dinero for a smidgen somewhere! And well of course if the monsoons don't stop here soon I might be living in a fresh water aquarium formerly known as my house.........