Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Shishito Peppers and Fish Tacos c/o McCrossen's

LW went on a little European journey a few weeks back and when she returned we met at McCrossen's to catch up. I was excited about the shishito pepper special appetizer and secured the last one of the evening. Nice and good peppers. I need to buy myself some and do my own grilling while they're still around. I also ordered the fish tacos with extra kimchi. They were very generous in their overall portions, challenging me to pick them up without dropping any of the tender morsels of fish or bright and peppy slaw/cabbage that also went into the overall dish.
It was good to see LW and to hear about her adventures. And it had been a fair amount of time since I'd been at McCrossen's, so that was nice too.

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