Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Beer and Friends

Weekend before last I met up with BC and a gaggle of folks in South Philly for an outdoor IPA beer event hosted by Hawthorne's. It was a nice and warm day full of familiar faces. I had a few beers all more hoppy than I truly care for, but the company made up for the ways the beer may have suffered. LS and her bf came in, as did JB and J from Brooklyn and Mr. Ass from the country.
I'm pretty sure I asked them to act like they were friends in this photo (they've known each other since elementary school if I understand their history correctly).
In one of my beers I found a volunteer bit of protein. I chose to take a photograph instead of consuming it.
BC recently bought a house, so when it began to seem like rain was imminent we made our collective way to her new digs, which are already fantastic and will only become more so once all her rehabbing is complete.
Photographs were taken.
Freshly made pizza was made and consumed.

And then I went on a date with a stranger from the internet. It went okay.

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