Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Spatchcocked Chicken on the Grill

So really, I am a lover of sitting outside and grilling things, and I have definitely been making the most of our decided change in season over the past couple of weeks.Between the improvements I've made to the deck through replacing very past-due deck chairs and planting a nice range of additional flowers, it's getting to be an even more awesome space than it already was.

I think it was a Friday evening that I went to my local whole foods with the intention of buying some combination of things to grill that night and over the weekend. I debated purchasing another steak or perhaps a tuna steak or nice piece of salmon, but in the end they had a deal on organic free-range chicken that especially caught my eye. It felt like a good day to spatchcock a chicken and roast/grill it outside. I didn't do anything very fancy with this particular chicken, other than cutting its backbone out. While I tend to brine my chickens, I didn't feel like waiting around for the brine solution to cool or for the chicken to actually soak. Nor did I desire the mess that accompanies making any of the herb butters I've tried throughout the years. All I did was rub a little olive oil on the outside and sprinkle salt and pepper over the whole of the chicken. Then put it on the grill and let it do the rest.
I accompanied my finished chicken with an ear of corn, some green beans with garlic and a grilled/baked potato. All was delicious. The chicken had that nice grilled aspect and crispier skin that I usually am I able to finagle in the oven. The corn wasn't local, but it did get me excited for the corn of the true summer. Potato and beans also didn't disappoint. A very good meal.

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