Saturday, May 11, 2013

Grilled Steak, Corn and Asparagus on the Deck

Two weekends back the weather was getting consistently lovely, which always marks a happy turn of events for me: deck and grill times. I decided that I would spend my Saturday enjoying the sunny weather and the many new plants I purchased and planted the weekend before. So I made my way to my local Whole Foods and bought corn, asparagus and a steak. I hardly ever make myself steak mainly because I usually miss the mark as far as cooking it to medium rare, going more often than not to well done. As someone who likes some pink in her steak, it always feels like a waste when I mess it up. But on this particular afternoon I was far more conscious of the temperature of the grill, the amount of time I let each side of the steak cook and the importance of letting it "rest." The result was 100% successful. I didn't fancy the steak up much, just pre-salted and peppered it and let its own juicy goodness and the gas grill do the rest. The asparagus I tossed with a little butter, garlic, lemon and truffle oil and wrapped in tin foil, throwing that packet onto the grill when I knew the steak was nearly ready. I also finally broke out the portable wine chiller that NC Catherine gave me for Christmas. It did a good job of keeping the Vinho Verde I was enjoying nice and cold.
I topped the steak with a dollop of a decent Gorgonzola. It was big enough, the steak, that I only ate half of it. It was perfect, pink but not bloody/'blue' and it was a great addition to salad on a subsequent day. A delightful day and evening on the deck.

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nc catherine said...

Oh what a delectable and oh so simple meal! I am liking the Vinho Verde a lot, so when next we connect in warm weather we shall have to quaff some! Glad the camping chiller is functional!