Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Preakness Day Proper 2013

Preakness day dawned cloudy and chilly and while I hoped against hope and logic that the sun would do a repeat of its glorious path through the sky on Black Eyed Susan Day, it was not to be. At one point it full-on rained, driving those of us with seats not protected by the overhang of the upper grandstand back. The race track doesn't have much in the way of indoor seating on any given day, but especially not on a day where all seats were spoken that left a great many of us standing around in odd places or sitting in others' seats just to be dislodged once the rightful owners returned. It also predicated layers that covered up the ladies' outfits. But L. and Fat T. still looked pretty slick.
This is when the rain was really coming down in earnest.
D. looking on and ignoring the rain. B. was also able to attend, and it was good to see her. I also made additional sandwiches of the roast beef, asiago cheese and horse radish variety.
Three cousins in a row.
Two friends in a row.
One fat headed friend and two less so (in this instance the fat headed person is me, not Fat T.) in a row.
The crowd.
While everyone and their mother expected great things from Orb, it was Oxbow who ended up winning the big race.
Dude with giant, but seemingly not all that recent camera getting a view of the main stretch.

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