Thursday, May 10, 2012

Walk in the Woods and Stream

After breakfast we did a little bit of a woods walkabout.
I will always be a sucker for walking in water.
I had a few random flower seeds and thought that it might be fun to randomly put them in the ground. I don't imagine they will actually come to anything, but the hope is there.
This is pretty much all I want from life. Warm weather. Beautiful scenery. Friends. Maybe that's not true. Actually, I know it's not true. There are a few other things I'd want from life.

Looking down at small fishies.
Fatty enjoyed demonstrating his upper body strength.

I'm glad he didn't hurt himself, but it would have made a good story if he had gotten a little wet.
As it teetered into afternoon times, the warmth increased. We found ourselves lying on the driveway soaking up the sun and heat that the asphalt was sucking up.
Then we played bocci ball and then L. and T. went on their way. It was sad. I very much wished that I could stop time and just have that sort of warm day for all eternity.

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