Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Black Eyed Susan Day At Pimlico Racetrack, In Reverse

This year's immediate group of Preakness attendees included me, my father, D an B, V and M (first cousins of my father) and L., M.'s friend and fellow horse enthusiast. These are photographs I took on Black Eyed Susan Day, in reverse because Blogger is being funny. 
I got a pretty big kick out of this.
My father did quite well for himself the first day at the track and his knowing smile is a reflection of that.
We were in the lower grandstand with assigned seats. Front row, just a smidge away from the finish line, significantly closer than we were last year. The sun was pretty powerful for the first few hours of our day, but once the upper grandstand's shadow crept to us, the seats and weather were pretty ideal.
This looks like a race to the finish, but these horses actually started a scant distance from the finish line and then would wrap all the way back around. I doubt that this 4 horse lasted the whole way through.
But it looks good at the moment.
 Another view of our seats. We were seven, with six seats that you can see right here and an additional seat within the same area but farther back. B. spent a fair amount of time in that odd seat out, getting to know the older gentleman next to her who had come all the way from Texas. 
Me and a hat and lipstick.
On non-special crazy event race days, I would make it down the the paddock to take a look at the horses far more often than I do on the Preakness weekend. First off, Pimlico's paddock isn't the best as far as viewing options, and factor in the larger crowds and it can become a nightmare...this is, I imagine, one big reason they saddle the actual Preakness horses on the grass outside. That and the pageantry of it. But I did make it to the paddock for one race, thinking that would help my betting. It didn't. I'm a terrible bettor. I simply go by look and name and have never quite been able to take in and process the additional information that a race program can give me. In any case, look a this horse's ears, all perked up and interested in what's going on outside. 

The track, stripped away of some of its momentary glamor.
The view from another direction.
Totally out of order. I found this horse particularly beautiful, but I'm pretty sure it didn't win, place or show.

Legend lady jockey. Each year they have one race where women jockeys - most of whom are retired - come out and race. I think this woman may have come in second or third. Or maybe she's just smiling because it's good to gallop?
Pretty sure this is the winner.
B. was kind enough to make us all sandwiches.
Yup, this is the winning lady legend horse.
This woman was particularly pleased about it.

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nc catherine said...

I am totally impressed with the hat and the lipstick. I have been thinking about red red too, altho it is tough to find one as deep as yours with that blue hint....mine all end up with the red orange thing that so so does not work for me.

I laughed out loud at the baby bellied men. Especially the dude rockin' the stripes and the plaid. Who let him outta the house like that???

I am guessin' the M cousin is John and Mary's eldest? Wow. I saw D but not B.

All very cool.