Friday, May 04, 2012

Breakfast c/o Cafe Estelle

Our evening went rather late, given our reservation time of 9:45. We returned to my apartment where Childhood Friend went quickly to slumber world while K. and I enjoyed cigars on the deck. The next morning we awoke at a good hour. I debated trying a new brunch spot or going back to one I've known before. In the end I chose to go with what I know, and off we went to Cafe Estelle.
I chose to go with the "Spring Scramble" of lightly scrambled eggs with asparagus and ramps and maybe one other thing and creme fraiche. When they were first put down in front of me I wasn't totally enamored of how liquidy they looked in parts, but once Igave the eggs one or two turns of a spoon, the texture was more to my liking. The overall ingredients and taste were great. Spring. I also loved the pickled vegetables that topped the accompanying frisee salad. I ordered the homemade sausage as well, having forgotten that I did it the last time and really didn't care for it. It's funny, anything that's made "in-house" I usually love, but this specific sausage really didn't gel with my palate and gave me the heebie jeebies.I'm wondering if it was too unadorned, too much straight and fresh meat with not enough spices? Something about the actual meat itself was the issue. Or maybe some secret ingredient?
While I remained wary of the sausage, the rest of the meal was to my liking. Childhood friend ordered a hot chocolate, which I think she liked, and I believe pancakes, the portion of which resulted in an unclean plate.

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