Monday, May 07, 2012

Cheese, Lamb/Beef Tacos and Sparklers

A weekend or two back I took a Friday off and drove on up into the country. It was a long established plan that L. and Fat T. would join me, and join me they did, though not without what sounded like a completely nightmarish traffic jam outside of the Holland Tunnel. L. came bearing cheese and baguette. Awaiting them both was champagne and lamb/beef tacos with fixins. L. will have to leave a comment if the names of the cheeses are to be known.

I cheated a little with the taco seasoning, adding garlic and red onion but mainly relying on pre-packaged taco flavoring. Hey, at least it was the 'natural' version of the stuff. Probably still higher in sodium than necessary but never you mind. It's really not accurate to say that these were tacos because I ended up buying the larger tortilla size. So it was really make your own burrito complete with rice, black beans with green chiles, chopped tomato, prepackaged guacamole, spinach, salsa, sour cream. Probably something else.

Though the day had been quite warm and sunny, the evening temps dipped quite a bit. And yet we still found ourselves enjoying the quiet and the stars of the country. And the sparklers I brought along because who doesn't love sparklers?

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louise said...

Idiazabal, Hooligan, Stilton & Tallegio!