Saturday, December 03, 2011

Thanksgiving Dinner and Beyond

Once the deep fried turkey was out of the oil, had its rest and was expertly carved, it was time to dig in. In addition to the two turkeys, there were a number of other dishes to partake in, including corn bread, two kinds of stuffing, brussels sprouts with pancetta, mashed potatoes with gravy, turkey shaped cranberry sauce and butter, and I'm sure at least two other things I've forgotten.
Deep fried turkey in the foreground, roasted in the oven turkey in the back.
Plates full while the Thanksgiving prayer is read.
Some late arrivals busied up the place after dinner and dessert.
Not sure what prompted this, but B. giving R. some motherly love.
Again, not quite sure what this was about. There was a healthy serving of two different kinds of riesling during dinner.
Our hosts, to whom I am so grateful for giving Dad and I a place to be and celebrate on this holiday.
Just hanging out.
I remember when both of these guys were shrimps and now they tower over me. My face conveys my feelings on this matter.
And then the Glenfidditch is brought to light.
A wonderful Thanksgiving meal and subsequent time of revelry and fun.


Claire said...

I want to know if the fried turkey was tasty.

cc said...

Yikes, I was terribly remiss with the follow up. The preparation was so exciting...the deep fried turkey really had more flavor and juice than many a turkey I've had over the years. While dangerous, the payoff is at least worth the worry - though not worth burning a house over.

Huckleberry said...

Great job catching the ghost in the mirror!
Also: what a beautifully set table.