Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Black Friday Party

After our oysters, R. and I drove on over to his sister and her husband's house for their annual 'no grown ups or kids' party. I just made up that name. Basically if you're under 21 or over 45 you're not invited. They throw a good party and boy do they know how to feed their guests. I wish I had taken a little more care in taking these photographs, but if you didn't act quickly the food would be gone. Because it was so good. This is some sort of tomato shrimp creamy thing. I liked it.
This was Korean marinated beef that was then topped with banana peppers and a sauce.
There were also pulled pork tortilla treats. And then this happened. I couldn't tell you why.
Perhaps the greatest anticipation was reserved for the beef tenderloin and its accompanying horseradish or red sauce. Seriously, as soon as it was cut people were lunging for it. So. Damn. Good.
Everyone circling the beef.
The red sauce finds its bowl. Seems the red sauce was a mix of the drippings, red wine, and something else. Like crack if crack was something you wanted to dip beef into.
G. the host and my besties. This couple and I seemed to be on similar schedules as far as going out to enjoy the firepit, going back in for drinks and food etc. I asked them how they met and now I know.
At around midnight it suddenly was my birthday. C.'s boyfriend was kind enough to take a birthday shot of Maker's with me.
A pretty good pic taken right soon before we departed for the evening.

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