Sunday, December 11, 2011

Planatee Adventure

Last Saturday LW and I went on a bit of an adventure. We had three destinations, all in new places for me in Philadelphia. And the route, once determined on Google maps, resembled a manatee's body with a platypus' beak (beak?). It started with driving up Route 1 to Pho Hoa. This was a new pho place to try for us both. And unlike my still-favorite Pho Ha, this is a chain. They have locations in Philly, California, Florida, even Missouri. It was a big space, a little run down in the corners, but not to such an extent that I felt uncomfortable eating there. We sat in a booth with sprung springs and decided on what we were going to eat. I decided to try their summer roll to start, and then pho with steak, flank and fatty flank.
This was an ok roll, the the grilled pork version at Pho Ha had a lot more character and punch in terms of flavor. Decent, but forgettable.
The pho itself was pretty good. By the time my bowl got to me, however, the meat was all entirely cooked, which was a bit of a bummer. I don't need bloody steak or anything, but I like to at least start with something a little more pink. I think what I may have to do, no matter where I go, is to really make it clear that I want my meat rare.
Then we both had the hot condensed milk coffee treat that opens your eyes and wonders your mind. Yes. It wonders your mind. Deal with it.
This was sort of on the back of the manatee.

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