Thursday, December 08, 2011

Sunday Morning Baby and Flowers

The last day of our Thanksgiving weekend in Maryland featured a visit from R. with new little one R. The men just sat and didn't ask for a turn holding the baby. I held her briefly but she was a little hungry and while I do quite well with babies once they're about 6 months, when they're under that age they're so small and attached to their mothers that I generally don't give it a good college try. 'It' being continuing to hold them if they're at all uncomfortable.
B. took this photo after little R. had herself a meal.
It was great to see both R.s! Oh and look at the pretty flowers.

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nc catherine said...

Adorable baby, lovely flowers and flat laugh out loud awesome photo of men on couch with crossed legs. D and D doing their manly blurry thing. Hilarious.