Monday, September 23, 2013

Pho and Darts

At some point in the last few months A. (my roommate) and I bandied about the idea of a field trip to Bullseye Darts so that A. could get his very own set of darts after a year of using mine or one of our other teammates'. I also was falling a little out of love with my darts and was thinking about getting a new set. Then LW and I also discussed such a trip with the added attraction of having a bit of pho, which would basically be a variation of our 2011 manapus adventure. Of course one often talks about doing something for an extended amount of time before actually doing it. And in this case I think it was at least a month between the idea being brought up and schedules aligning to make it so. I thought I remembered where the pho place we went to in 2011 was...but I was wrong and we ended up at Pho 75. This was a smaller shop than the place I actually meant to take us, and its menu slightly less pork rolls to try. Though there were fewer bells and whistles, they still had the crazy coffee.
It turns out this was going to be a day of firsts for A. Not only was he about to get his own darts, he also had his first pho experience. I think it went generally well.
The broth was good, the whole thing was good. I still like our go-to South Philly spot a bit more, but I was glad to try a new place and to introduce the glory that is pho to yet another person. 
Once our meal wrapped up we were on our way east to Bulls Eye. I think the three of us probably tried out a minimum of six different sets of darts each. At one point I was convinced that I wanted one set but then saw a completely different set and all my certainty went out the window. LW was especially dervish-like in her pursuit of a new set of darts. In the end ALL three of us got slightly different weights of the exact same darts. I've been pretty pleased with the new darts they have a different kind of grip that seems to be a slightly better fit in regards to my small little fingers and weak arms. Our league starts up soon, so that will be the real test. It was still very entertaining when we all walked out of the store with the exact same cases. Funny stuff. 

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nc catherine said...

I have zero to say on darts. I do have to say your hair grows really fast! Looks good.

And now on to Pho. I confess, I do not love the pho at my fav all time go to thai vietnamese diner place (you have been there) so I need to go with you at some point to a pho phave place (ha ha pho phave) and I can see what all the ruckus is about. My go to place seems to use way too much white pepper (don't love the white pepper) and I swear MSG because that is the only time I get the old timey MSG headaches.

So lead on McDuff. I will come to Philly and be introduced to pho as it should be. Or you come to the Boro and tell me pho here is phine and I am just a philistine. Ha phine philistine....