Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Chips, Guacamole and Salsa c/o Bad Bean Taqueria

After a number of days of primarily child-related activities and entertainments, Cuz K., J. my aunt L. and I went on a brief sojourn on our own. Of course I was not really burdened by the childcare duties, having none of my own. But it was tough to get more than five or ten minutes without an interruption when chatting with K. Her nieces and nephews and A.'s daughter K. are all quite fond of her. As am I, so I get it. In any case, we went to a wine store thinking they had tastings, which they kind of had...but I must say that the beverages on offer were generally pretty underwhelming. I guess we were four women and some of our party actually does like the sweeter wines, but seriously...offering a chocolate wine to me is like asking me to judge you, which I did. Quietly. Then we went to another boutique where I became besotted with a silver bracelet with a little oval of pressed flowers. I will have to track down the artist's name because I remain pleased with my purchase. In any case. After that we thought we might grab a drink and a snack before returning to the house. We went to one place but it smelled like a terrible place so we left before even sitting down. Then I suggested margaritas and we tried a Mexican place in the shopping center not far from our curent location. Unfortunately it was closed. So, with the help of our fancy phones, we returned to the first shopping center (it's all shopping centers for the most part) and found the Bad Bean taqueria. It's a counter, bus-your-own tables kind of joint, but they do have margaritas. We ordered two baskets of chips, margaritas, guacamole and two kinds of salsa, which included a mild but tasty salsa fresca and a more interesting salsa verde with tomatillo and roasted poblano peppers. We did some good work on all the chips and salsas, though not so good that there wasn't anything to bring back with us.

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