Sunday, November 24, 2013

Seoul Dog c/o Dirty Franks

The last few times I saw Cuz K. and A., A. mentioned his enduring love for  Columbus' Dirty Franks and assured me that I would love it too. So it's just was well I didn't really eat the chicken mess from the airport, because when Cuz K. and A. picked me up from the airport we headed straight to the hot dog establishment. Their menu is extensive and gives you a lot of different options for how to dress up a dog. I was tempted by any number of topping combinations, but ultimately I chose the Seoul Dog, a Korean inspired approach that featured kim chi, sriracha and mayo. It lived up to the hype. If I hadn't had a first round of dinner I definitely would have tried another one. Next time I'm in Columbus I'll need to check out their Nicola and Puff the Magic Popper variations.

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