Sunday, November 24, 2013

Airport Dinner c/o Chickie's and Pete's

I flew out to Ohio last week for Cuz K. and A.'s wedding. I arrived to the airport earlier than I actually planned and had plenty of time to kill before my flight, so I decided that I'd take a seat at Chickie's and Pete's and grab some grub. This was my first experience with the chain. I ordered their crab fries, which were certainly copious though I might had preferred them slightly crispier. The processed cheese sauce or dip or whatever came with it was dangerously tasty in a kind of forgettable way.
I made a rather huge mistake when it came to ordering a second part of my meal. I don't think I had really eaten much during the day so by the time I was at the airport my decision making abilities were a bit lacking. I chose to get a chicken cheese steak. I don't know what I was thinking. Maybe if I had opted for a buffalo chicken cheese steak, this wouldn't have been the worst decision ever, but I did not take that option. This was just really bland and lacked anything special. Even the cheese wasn't that exciting. I'm sure Chickie's and Pete's is better than this sandwich.

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