Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Country Cheese Plate

About two weekends back I once again made my way to the country, this time with my cat, Zul, in tow. I must say I always feel a mix of accomplishment and guilt any time I manage to trick him into a false security and hustle him into his carrying case without his first hiding underneath the bed and my grabbing repeatedly for him at an odd angle. The day I drove up was such a day of accomplishment and guilt. Cat knows how to wail, but I do understand. Cats in general are not big carrying case fans, and Zul has a particularly good reason not to associate the case, or driving, with anything good. Well, in any case, we arrived safely. I then went on a grocery run to get the necessaries for the dinner I planned on cooking for myself and L. I had suggested that L. and Fat T. drive on over from Brooklyn to join me, but it was rather last minute and I didn't entirely think that they'd be able to. And in one sense I was right, as Fat T. did not come. But that just meant quality girl talk with L. without worrying about boring Fatty. After my shopping run I gathered my gear and went back out to the field to read. I've taken a break from the young adult fiction series I've been reading to start Margaret Atwood's newest book, the third in the Oryx and Crake series. It wasn't quite strapless dress weather anymore, but with a few layers and the sun staying mainly in place, it was still lovely. L. eventually joined me, but not before arriving without my noticing. I had texted her to tell her to come to the field upon her arrival, but her trickster phone did not allow her to see that message so there was a moment's gap between her arrival to the house and her arrival to the field. In any case. A lovely time was had in the field. We debated the merits of haunted houses (she, pro. Me, con) and generally enjoyed the slightly brisk, but still good day. Eventually we made it back to the house and got to snacking. L. had brought a few cheeses with her, as well as a baguette. Delicious cheeses. The names of which I'll need to ask her about. There was an Idiazabal that we both thought wasn't quite as nutty as some we'd had, a particularly nice goat with an ash component, and the third cheese's name entirely escapes me. I also had a bit of truffle paté to contribute. I started a fire and we sat by it while eating cheese. L. remains one of my favorite people and it's always nice to get to spend some quality time with her.

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