Saturday, November 09, 2013

Cocktail and Lobster Two Ways c/o Route 6

When you've got a good thing going on, it's not insensible to really commit to it. In this instance, LW and I had a good thing going on as far as going to Route 6 on Thursdays to take advantage of their October Lobster Month. A week after our first visit, we returned with the best of intentions and a bit of a menu game plan. I hadn't determined the cocktail I would enjoy, but once seated I was drawn to the Ward 8, which is Bulleit Rye with orange, lime and house made grenadine, as well as preserved cherry magic times. It wasn't too sweet, though you might think it would be.
We had determined before our arrival that we'd check out the fried mini lobster tails with green tabasco aioli. I think we were both rather surprised by how mega the mini tails were. Far more meat than expected. Also, they somehow lightly breaded and fried both the tail meat and the tail shell, which actually made the shells themselves edible, which I enjoyed. I learned from my father the habit of occasionally eating a shrimp - tail and all - at some point in my life, so I was at first unsure whether it could be done, but found that it was. My only complaint was that the aioli didn't have much of a green tabasco major note for me. The sauce is certainly milder than original, but it still has a wee bit of heat in its original form, which was lacking in the dipping sauce.
LW decided to try the buttery lobster roll, while I decided to try the 2 pound lobster, but wood grilled instead of steamed. While this lobster was apparently larger than the last, the grilling technique somehow made it seem like there wasn't as much meat. Also, the smaller legs, which when steamed give a certain pleasure when sucked, were far less satisfying. That sounded rather dirty. My point is that the steamed lobster from the week before, I was able to suck a little lobster juice and the occasional teeny bit of actual meat from the legs. In the grilled form the legs were liquid free and not especially compelling. And because it was split, I also found the tail meat not to be as succulent. In fact, the most apt adjective I think would fit would be 'mushy,' which, you know, isn't really what anyone wants in a lobster tail, half off or not. So my conclusion from this experience was to never order a lobster wood grilled again. While there were a few minor 'misses' here as far as how my preparation choices led to a less moist and delicious lobster, the deal was still good and I was glad for the meal out.

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