Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New Jersey Pho

About two weekends ago I went to New Jersey to seek out shoes for Cuz K.'s wedding. I meant to go to a DSW not so terribly far from Philly on the Jersey side but my phone got a bit confused and told me to drive to a completely different location. In the end I found myself shoes indeed I did. Then I decided that I was hungry and that I might as well go on a mini pho adventure. There were about five different pho restaurants within five miles of the shoe place and so I decided rather randomly to check out Pho Eden, which was located in an incredibly non-descript strip mall at not the busiest of intersections. Inside it was cute, if spare. Fewer tables than some of the pho spots in Philly. I got a booth to myself and quickly ordered a hot coffee with condensed milk, which came in a different format than I am accustomed to seeing: already brewed and with no need to pour your own hot water over the grounds. Still good, but I liked that hot water element because you can keep your drink hotter for longer. While sipping my coffee I continued to get into Margaret Atwood's newest nove. 
For my meal I chose to try their grilled pork rolls in addition to pho with steak and fatty brisket.
The rolls were okay, not not transformative or mind melting like those I've enjoyed in South Philly.
The pho was equally good in meeting my basic desire for a rich and hot beef noodle soup, though not quite as special as the South Philly spot I've been going to the most over time. I was glad to check it out and if you happen to be in that area of New Jersey, it's worth stopping by, but I wouldn't say it would be worth going out of your way to visit.

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Huck said...

Got all excited when I saw the headline -- but, sadly, this is a bit too far away for me...