Monday, August 05, 2013

Barbeque Fun Times, 2013

A few weekends back my roommate and I invited a group of folks over to our deck for a barbeque. I got up early and drove north to Czerw's to get some fine Polish kielbasa, and went to a few other spots in preparation for the afternoon and evening. I got a few different kinds of sausage. Below is me holding the fresh Kielbasa aloft in all my triumphant double chinned glory.
There was a moment where it seemed like the new propane tank wasn't going to work and that the barbeque would lack actual grilling, but that crisis was averted.
In addition to three different kinds of sausage, I also made burgers, cole slaw, and some dips.
Burgers and sausage, huzzah!
The roommate fixed some very tasty beverages with the aid of the coconut rum I brought back with me from the Bahamas.
Thumbs up!
The roommate's lady friend brought her dog over, and Brutus came with CPM and R. So there was a good dog presence.
CPM also brought the fixings for sangria.
While S. brought ice cream cupcakes and red velvet cupcakes.
Later in the evening there were quite dramatic thunder and lightning clouds on display before turning to torrential rains. We took the rain as an opportunity to play beer drinking games in the living room.
And that's just what we did. A good evening I think.

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nc catherine said...

Ha good thing you 'splained that it was kielbasa and not some form of mutant Philly snake! Sheeesh what a sausage.

You look really good with all that summer color. I know I KNOW sun kissed color is bad bad bad but it looks so pretty. We are mowing down our spf 50 clear zinc for faces given all our outdoor stuff but yeah we like some color........even the college lass of uber pale has some kayakin' color goin' on. Huzzah for summer!