Saturday, August 17, 2013

Carolina-style Pork Sandwich c/o Fresh Market

The next day we had to do a bit of a grocery run in preparation for the meal we'd make that evening. We didn't really have lunch so while we were at Fresh Market we were taken in by the idea of a sandwich made right at their deli counter. I chose to try their barbeque pork tenderloin with coleslaw. I forget what CPM had, but I believe it involved Brie. Neither of us were terribly impressed, though the sandwiches did sit for about 45 minutes due to my thinking I knew how to take us on a nice back route...except I had no idea what I was doing so it took a pretty long time. In any case, the bbq sauce on my sandwich was extremely sweet. I would have preferred a more vinegar-based sauce. Lesson learned.

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